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Yup that’s right, I’m doing artslam this year as well. Theme for this month is surroundings, for my part. I won’t bother posting everything I do here… cause it’s all about learning and there are some crash and burns in the mix. However here’s two wips, that will get more work done on them in a bit;)

artslam 2011- day 01 Foresty bog

This was an attempt on making a bog like surrounding, but at the moment it looks more like a little forest clearing. I’m working on getting things right. Floating trees are floating, I know. Oooops.

Here however is something that’s supposed to be floating in the air:

artslam 2011 -day 03 Floating Troll Islands

Floating troll islands:D I had a lot of fun coming up with this, and will probably have a lot more fun expanding this as well.

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teazombie: cat fishing (fiskekatt)

A little work in progress, I’m planning on expanding it upwards;)

I finally bit the bullet and I’m now working on getting the old images back online. Can’t say it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had,  but it has to be done.  I’ve gotten about halfway through, so that’s it for me today… my head’s kinda fried.

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teazombie: cat fishing (fiskekatt)

I’ve been working on and off on coloring the doodle from day three of the mushroom week, and thought I’d let you all get a sneak peak on how it’s coming along. Far from finished yet.

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