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From artslam this year. A little guy entertaining a family of wealthy bunnies.

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I have no idea why I didn’t post this last month… probably busy buying presents and packing I suppose. Oh well, then here’s the little Gimp Painter experimentation that ended up more of a speed paint sorta thing. I used these patterns with the mixbrush to get some of the really nifty things going on. It was fun, but also a good example on the whole paintings are never finished just abandoned thing. Definitely need to get some more textures to play around with.

… and Happy New Year to eveyone stopping by this blog. 2012 seems good so far, so it better stay that way.

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Yup that’s right, I’m doing artslam this year as well. Theme for this month is surroundings, for my part. I won’t bother posting everything I do here… cause it’s all about learning and there are some crash and burns in the mix. However here’s two wips, that will get more work done on them in a bit;)

artslam 2011- day 01 Foresty bog

This was an attempt on making a bog like surrounding, but at the moment it looks more like a little forest clearing. I’m working on getting things right. Floating trees are floating, I know. Oooops.

Here however is something that’s supposed to be floating in the air:

artslam 2011 -day 03 Floating Troll Islands

Floating troll islands:D I had a lot of fun coming up with this, and will probably have a lot more fun expanding this as well.

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I just had a eureka moment.  A couple of days ago I was looking through in my deviantart gallery,  and musing about how my digital work is so much worse than my traditional stuff. So yesterday goes my brain:  “Hmmm, well all this is rather blurry. What to do, what to do. AHA! I shall go fiddle around in gimp with it.” A few settings tweaks later and I go from this…


…to that. Holy crap what a difference.  Now my brain is really revving up, chattering at me a million miles per hour about what to try out next.  Time to jot down ideas, hit the books, and paint til I drop. Amongst other things it would be fun to make a new version of that painting.

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I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday, so instead of wasting time staring at the ceiling I got up and did some doodling. Happy to report I see some progress in my work:D
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sock week day 5

Just playing a bit in gimp.

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